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If You, Like Most Of America, Have Never Heard Jared Kushner Speak, Here's Your Chance

“After hearing his Kermit-like voice I understand why he's been so quiet.”

Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been a presence at the president’s side since before the inauguration, but for many, he’s remained a curiosity both as a public figure and as a person. His appearances have been, in many instances, mocked as an example of nepotism gone awry in a scandal-laden administration.

But now, as the intensity of the investigations surrounding Trump’s obstruction of justice and Russia relationships continues to rise, Kushner is quickly feeling the need, possibly to distance himself from the maligned president, to establish himself as a separate entity of sorts.

For that reason, Kushner—who’s largely existed as a silent subject of photographs and in the background of videos—chose to speak directly to the press, allowing many to put a voice to the man.

His remarks are contained in the video below of an address to the American Technology Council meeting. He doesn’t speak to the turmoil surrounding the White House or his reported decision to establish a new legal team to protect his own interests, but rather the use of data in federal agencies. It may not be the most pressing matter on his docket, but America does finally hear his voice.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was quick to put aside the content of his remarks and focus on the novelty of hearing Kushner’s voice, which many believe sounds much younger than his 36 years would suggest.

The national audience was only too quick to point out the similarities they saw in his vocal presence.

For those who haven’t found a suitable analog for Kushner’s voice, don’t fret. Logic suggests we haven’t heard him speak for the last time. In fact, his voice could go from novelty to news media mainstay in light of the road ahead for him.

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