John Yoo Waterboards Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (Rhetorically)

Last night, John Yoo, the former Bush Administration Department of Justice lawyer who was thrust into international infamy for authoring "torture memos," stopped by The Daily Show for a chat with Jon Stewart. The topic: torture. The interview: tough to watch. Have a look after the jump.

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I wanted to see Stewart take Yoo to task, but that didn't really happen. Fortunately, Annie Lowrey provides a pretty spot-on critique:
Why so awkward? The two never engaged. They questioned and parried. They talked past one another. Stewart couldn't catch Yoo in a lie, couldn't call his arguments what they were, and clearly seemed frustrated. He had brushed up on Yoo's infamous briefs. He wanted to engage Yoo. But the lawyer -- as brilliant a legal mind as there is in the United States, some insist, dressed in a gray wool suit, looking every bit the professor -- simply explained away. ...
Taking things a step further, Ezra Klein wonders if Stewart does more harm than good by having someone like Yoo on The Daily Show; he can't really give them the crossfire treatment if they know it's coming. What do you think?Via Talking Points Memo. Watch the rest of the interview here.