New Video Shows How Kids React to Donald Trump

“This guy is mean.”

According to a Gallup poll, 63 percent of American adults have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump. Which isn’t surprising given his childish debate antics, racist policies, and complete disregard for the truth. As adults, we can scoff at him all we like, but every day the billionaire bully’s image is on display for millions of impressionable children across the country. While they may recognize that his behavior is deplorable, as a country, we’ve granted him the stage time —and what you permit, you teach.

A new video by Kids React shows the impression that Trump is making on America’s kids. Although their reactions are funny, it’s hard as an adult to not feel embarrassed that we’re allowing this to happen. In the video, the kids are blown away when Trump says the million-dollar loan given to him by his parents was a “small amount.” When it comes to Trump’s ability to speak his mind, they find it admirable, but according to one girl, “his mind isn’t right.” The overwhelming opinion of kids in the video is that Trump is mean and racist. “If you want to be a president you shouldn’t be a racist,” one boy says. Wouldn’t it be great if more adults could come to this conclusion as well?