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The Viral Video Of A Little Girl Insulting Trump Isn't What You Think It Is

“You’re a disgrace to this world”

Image via YouTube

By now, you’ve probably seen it floating around the Twittersphere. A little girl tells Donald Trump, “You’re a disgrace to this world,” while he attempts to stand next to her for a photo op at a protest. But, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice a few things wrong with this otherwise hilarious clip.

For one, ask yourself, how often does Trump attend anti-Trump protests? The correct answer is never. In fact, he rarely acknowledges such protests exist beyond slamming paid participants and “fake news” outlets, making his cheerful involvement at one seem very unlikely. Secondly, Trump rarely has time to interact with everyday people, what with his busy schedule of dismantling American health care and taking abundant vacation time at Mar-a-Lago.

No, this isn’t the real Donald Trump we’re seeing get verbally destroyed by a little girl (although that would be fantastic). Instead, we’re looking at comedian and professional Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik advertising his new Comedy Central series, The President Show. The uplifting clip comes from an episode in which Atamanuik stops by a Tax Day march in Washington, D.C., as his Trump alter ego. Passing by a group of women at the march, imitation Trump says, “Where’s your husbands? Where’s your husbands? You shouldn’t be free. It’s the weekend, it’s laundry time.” Much like imitation crab, Atamanuik’s Trump is both horrifying and delicious. Check out the clip below to see why.

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