Lifestyles of the Relatively Conscientious Lifestyles of the Relatively Conscientious

Lifestyles of the Relatively Conscientious

by Andrew Price

March 13, 2010
Writing at The Oil Drum, Megan Quinn Bachman explains how she polled 2,005 members of two sustainability-oriented listservs (she doesn't mention which ones) to get a sense of what changes these "lifestyle leaders" had made in response to concerns about climate change and peak oil. The results are above.I'm not going to start brushing up on my survival skills quite yet, but over the past few years I've made changes in all of the top 10 categories above, to greater or lesser degrees.Down at the bottom of the list are the things that are hard or expensive for people to do, even if they care a lot about sustainability (as Bachman's respondents did). You can't give up your car if there aren't good trains or public transportation options in your area. And the upfront investment required to get solar panels for your house, for example, can be prohibitively expensive. In the areas of housing and transit, we really need the government's help in making the better alternatives feasible for people.
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Lifestyles of the Relatively Conscientious