Embrace Your Inner Couch Baa’tato With a Televised Lamb-athon

Iceland TV hopes to promote their country’s “traditional farming life” by airing 24 hours of lambs.

Image via the Sjónvarpið (@sjonvarpid) Twitter feed.

To promote the “traditional farming life,” Iceland’s public TV channel RUV hosted a 24-hour live lamb broadcast. Filming live from a farm in the region of Skagafjordur, the RUV crew captured hours and hours of footage of lamb births on air. "The sheep birthing season is an unforgettable time for those able to see the little lambs being born into this world," RUV wrote on their site. According to the BBC, the stunt was inspired by a fellow Norwegian channel, which once aired 12 hours of wood burning and a 130 hour broadcast from a cruise ship sailing up the coast.