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These 19 Millennials share what it’s truly like living paycheck to paycheck.

Living paycheck-to-paycheck creates countless terrifying moments.

These 19 Millennials share what it’s truly like living paycheck to paycheck.

Life is tough when you’re first starting out. Bills, roommates, low-paying jobs, car troubles … it all adds up to a life of constant stress. Sometimes it feels like no one understands what you’re going through. So here are 19 people sharing what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck.

Jenna, 23
“It’s a lot of only buying one drink at the bar not because you don’t want to drink any longer but it’s all that you can afford.”

Sam, 24
“It really is exactly what it seems, working all day every day just to pay the bills, and barely manage to eat.”

Cara, 22
“Living paycheck to paycheck has caused me to resort to a ‘side hustle’ as us Millennials call it. That helps, but only so much.”

Jennifer, 23
“Living paycheck to paycheck is ‘I can’t come out tonight, having dinner with my parents again’ because I don’t have any other option if I want to eat good once this week.”

Sara, 24
“Living paycheck to paycheck brings upon terrifying moments of ‘Oh sh*t, rent is due in two days.’”

Franny, 25
“I remember that one month I actually didn’t have enough for rent and had to call my landlord hysterically crying, pleading my case on why I needed another week. Thankfully he was very understanding.”

May, 22
“Living paycheck to paycheck is literally working a full week, paying all your bills and then having five dollars left to your name to show for it.”

Jenny, 24
“A struggle. That’s the best way to describe living paycheck to paycheck.”

Gab, 24
“When you’ve had an ‘instant meal’ six out of seven nights this week you know you are living paycheck to paycheck.”

Jackie, 24
“Not being able to afford to participate in group work functions, like holiday parties, secret Santa’s etc., is when you know you are being paid too little.”

Jennifer, 24
“I’ve been using the same mascara since my junior year of college, I graduated two years ago. That is living paycheck to paycheck.”

Maura, 22
“The sad moment when you have to call your parents for help because you can’t afford to put gas is the definition of paycheck to paycheck life.”

Michelle, 23
“I quit my job because I didn’t want to struggle anymore. I ended up moving back in with my parents and working for the family business. It was actually the best decision I had made.”

Nicole, 24
“You’re living paycheck to paycheck when you are still answering work emails at 11 PM but can’t afford a coffee the next morning. It is painful.”

Mary, 25
“I lived paycheck to paycheck for a while after college. The lights and TV never went on in my apartment for a good year.”

Cate, 24
“I ate ramen for dinner every night for the first six months at my job. I was lucky to get a pay increase so early on and when I did you bet I bought myself a fancy steak dinner.”

Katie, 25
“I wouldn’t put the A/C on in the summer or heat on in the winter. Really unfortunate.”

Amanda, 25
“I lost a lot of weight during my time living paycheck to paycheck because I could barely afford to eat. Honestly, I can’t complain about it though.”

Amy, 24
“One word to describe living paycheck to paycheck. #sad.”

Melissa, 25
“Living paycheck to paycheck sucks but it is learning experience because eventually, you will realize there are better jobs out there that will pay better. Never settle.”

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