Love Thy Neighbor: Just in Time for Neighborday, SeeClickFix Is Getting a New Look

Here at SeeClickFix we're celebrating Neighborday, April 27, with the GOOD community. And in that neighborly spirit, we're encouraging our users from around the globe to get out in their neighborhoods and not only document places where they want to see improvement, but get their hands dirty and partake in a neighborhood cleanup or beautification project.
Winter was brutal for many of us. Snow plows and disrupted garbage routes have left many neighbors reporting huge amounts of litter and dumping. Our cities need our help to make them the places we want to live.
Taking a cue from SeeClickFixers everywhere, and the greater movement towards neighborhood participation, we are shifting the SeeClickFix branding a bit. To start, the wrench and fist—our existing logo representing the community demanding accountability—will shift to the heart, representing the community being partially accountable itself.
“WrenchHeart,” as we are lovingly titling our new mascot, represents a move toward co-delivery of services between neighbors and governments. Our slogan will also shift, from "Power to the Community" to "Love Thy Neighborhood." Nothing about the platform will change; we’re just trying to do a better job reflecting the way communities as a whole take care of themselves, from all perspectives.
Just in time for Neighborday, here are three ways you can use SeeClickFix to help beautify your neighborhood:
  • Report areas of your neighborhood that could use a clean-up.
  • Make your neighborhood more interesting by reporting suggestions for murals, trees, benches and other public amenities. If you’re looking for some help to raise money for a project let us know and we’ll help you with the fundraising.
  • Search your neighborhood SeeClickFix page for words like "garbage" and comment on the issue that you’d like to organize a clean-up.
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It’s good to Love Thy Neighborhood. Let’s do it in a constructive way that makes a real impact for ourselves and our neighbors.

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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