McCain's Troop Purge McCain's Troop Purge

McCain's Troop Purge

by Andrew Price

May 22, 2008

John McCain, if you haven't heard, has fired five top aides in the last eight days for their lobbying ties. Yesterday, his campaign outlined strict new rules barring any currently registered lobbyists from working for the campaign. From the NYT:

"Under the campaign's new rules...lobbyists who are currently registered either for American companies or for foreign governments or businesses cannot be employed by the campaign. They must also disclose their lobbying work even if they are working for Mr. McCain on a part-time, voluntary basis."

Some people call this an "intensifying scandal" for McCain and urge Obama to pile on. We call it a refreshingly clear policy barring lobbyists from working for McCain's campaign. It'd be hard for any campaign to extirpate every lobbyist. Of course people are getting fired; that's how you know the purge is working.
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McCain's Troop Purge