Measure and Offset Your Commuter Footprint in a Flash With This App

Ever wonder how many watts it takes to jump in your car and drive to work in the morning? Or hop on the subway for a quick lunch break?
This new app, called GiveO2, tells you just that. It also makes it easy to look up ways to offset the CO2 impact of your daily travel.
Via GPS and 3G on your smartphone, the app tracks you as you move around throughout the day. (You have to register your car, location, and other basic information.) It then calculates the carbon footprint of your transportation habits.
If the numbers make you feel a bit guilty, just tab over to the "Carbon Credit Market" for a list of projects to support to offset the damage you've done.
The Chilean entrepreneurs behind the San Francisco-based company introduced the app last week at SXSW Interactive. It's won several awards, most recently the AppCircus competition in Santiago.
While GiveO2 isn't the first tool to calculate your carbon footprint (also check out the Nature Conservancy, the CoolClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator out of Berkeley, and Oroeco), it simplifies the process by doing the work for you, as you go. It also takes it a step further by providing incentives to offset the environmental damage you've done.
Get GiveO2 here to be on your way to becoming a carbon neutral traveller. Bon Voyage.

Go here to add measuring your carbon footprint to your "to do" list.