Meet Precious, the Bike with a Brain


"Ever feel like your car is mad at you for not changing its oil? Or maybe you've felt your vacuum's joy after being emptied? We thought it was time for one of our quiet little friends to finally get their voice."

So write the inventors of Precious, the bike with a brain that's making its away across the United States to raise money for Livestrong. As of midday Thursday, Precious has been ridden for 713 miles and is in Hazard, Kentucky. The bike and its rider are known as Team Fatty, and Precious's computerized "brain" can measure location, temperature, humidity, speed, cadence, grade, direction, and most importantly, road kill—all of which are updated live on its website.

What's the goal behind this? Sure, it's an excuse to ride a bike across the country and document it in a creative way, but the real aim of the project is to fight cancer while telling an up-to-the-minute story of we can do with two-wheeled transportation.

Keep up with Team Fattie's progress by following it on Twitter and donate to the Livestrong cause here.