Cutting Taxes = Fixing Education?

[youtube] Whitman's first television ad in the 2010 California gubernatorial race, "Confidence," promises to fix schools and cut taxes, just not in that order."We can turn California around," she says, as a child reaches for a blue marker. "A business perspective is a bit of what California needs right now."She goes on to list her priorities:1. Create jobs2. Cut government spending3. Fix educationFor a state whose education spending and national ranking is pretty much near the bottom of the heap, I say, let's try another strategy since the whole "cutting spending, improving education" equation hasn't worked out so well."We need to have California be what it once was," says Whitman, who formerly ran eBay. "And I think we can do it."Can big business reform education-and can Whitman lead us where we need to go?Image via eBay.