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Melissa McCarthy Doubles Down On Brilliant Sean Spicer Impression

“Spicey” returns

You’ll forgive us if from here on out we refer to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer as “Spicey.” That’s because Melissa McCarthy’s return to “Saturday Night Live” for another round as the combative, fact-challenged voice of the Trump Administration may have sealed the deal on how we view him going forward.

McCarthy’s fist surprise performance was so memorable that it seemed impossible to top. After all, it reportedly even drove President Trump nuts – not because it made Spicer look instable and uninformed, but because the picture perfect portrayal was delivered by a woman. And her return performance helped give the show its highest ratings in more than six years.

Naturally, “SNL” doubled down on that ridiculous outrage, bringing in another female cast member to play new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Earlier in the week it was reported that longtime Trump nemesis Rosie O’Donnell would appear on the show this week as White House Advisor Steve Bannon but sadly that didn’t come to pass. At least not yet.

So, for now, we get to see more McCarthy, taking a leaf blower to the White House Press Corps, chasing them down with her suddenly mobile podium and using toy dolls to explain the botched restrictions on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Poor Sean Spicer. It seems like only yesterday he was getting pushed around by the folks at Dippin’ Dots. Who knows how long he’ll last in this job now that he has some of the best voices in comedy coming at him on a weekly basis?

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