Mini Project: Take a Picture of Your Carpool Mini Project: Take a Picture of Your Carpool

Mini Project: Take a Picture of Your Carpool

October 6, 2010

This week (October 4 to 10) is Rideshare Week, a time to encourage and celebrate the act of getting where you need to go in a sustainable way, whether that means carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, riding a bike, telecommuting, or taking a good old-fashioned walk. In the spirit of Rideshare Week, we're launching the following Mini Project: We want you to send us photos of your sustainable ways of getting to work, from carpools to bike rides, and we'll feature them on our site. 

How to Participate:

1. Use your camera phone or digital camera to take a photograph of your carpool, vanpool, bus, subway car, bike, walk, or other rideshare. It could be the vehicle itself, a image along the way, or something more conceptual that communicates the feeling of your commute.

2. Email it to us at projects[at]goodinc[dot]com or send it to us on Twitter, using Twitpic or your Twitter app's built-in photo sharing feature.

3. Include as much of the following information as you safely can: your name, your job, and the city and state you work in. Of course, if you want to remain anonymous, or can only tell us the city and state, that's fine.

So get out there and take some awesome pictures. Send them to us all week, and we'll publish a few of the best photos each day until Friday. And if you're in Los Angeles and looking for a rideshare, head here. Rideshare suggestions for other cities are welcome and encouraged.

Photo via Cliff House

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Mini Project: Take a Picture of Your Carpool