NBC Unveils Scorecard for Nation's Schools

Scorecard is a handy website that any interested parent can use to get an appraisal of the school, district, and state that's education their child.


As part of its Education Nation summit, which ended yesterday, NBC teamed with school performance evaluators GreatSchools to create a handy website, called Scorecard, which any interested parent can use to get an appraisal of the school they're sending their child to. In addition, the profiles provided shows how a district measures up relative to others in the state based on test scores and graduation rates, how one's state compares to the other 49 (including what it expects out of its students relative to other states), and even provides action steps that parents can undertake to help move the needle in the right direction.

The above video, from the Today show, offers a little test drive of the system. The information in the system has been available for some time, though I'm not certain if it's ever been collected and presented in such an easy-to-understand manner.

(Warning: Not all schools' information is on the Scorecard. There is no data, for instance, on my childhood elementary school in West Lafayette, Indiana.)