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New Mobile Game Turns Teachers Into Superheroes

Move over, Batman! Gotham City has a new hero in town, and she's taking over the classroom.

Move over, Batman. Gotham City has a new set of superheroes in town: teachers fighting back against an "unforeseen evil." In "Teachers of New York City", a new mobile game from Philadelphia-based Gamemian Studios, educators don masks and capes to battle "school closings, educational programs being cut, and teachers across the United States being laid off due to massive budget deficits."

The game features three teachers—Hope, Victoria, and Teng—trying to save public schools that are labeled "closed". To complete the mission, the teachers must battle their way through debris-filled school hallways, the infamous "rubber rooms" (where teachers who had been removed from the classroom used to await district hearings), and Tweed Courthouse, the New York City Department of Education headquarters. Schools chancellor Dennis Walcott and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are also characters in the game, although whether they're fighting with or against the teachers is up for debate.

The developers, who previously created a similar "Teachers of Philadelphia" game, hope the free download, which is available only for Apple devices, will "promote creativity" in its players and "provide some laughs and hours of fun, along with an appreciation for teachers." If there's enough response from the public, they might expand their game series to other cities. Teachers don't need capes to be heroes to their students, but it's nice to see them get some recognition in a fun format.

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