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NRDC and StoryCorps Bring You Oral Histories of Gulf Life After BP

Six months after the fatal Deepwater Horizon explosion, NRDC and StoryCorps have partnered to bring oral histories of life in the post-BP gulf.


On this very sad anniversary, as six months have passed since the tragic and fatal explosion that set off the long, slow Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, the Natural Resources Defense Council have partnered with StoryCorps and Bridge the Gulf to bring us stories of Gulf state residents "living with the BP oil disaster."

Called "Stories from the Gulf," this oral history project will feature new stories of life after the Deepwater Horizon blowout every week. The well may be sealed and the urgent response efforts may have wound up, but as we can hear the disaster is long from over.

In October 2010, NRDC partnered with StoryCorps and Bridge the Gulf to record, share, and preserve the stories and experiences of those living through the BP oil disaster. We invite you to listen to this diverse range of voices-many not traditionally heard in the mainstream media-and to share them with your families and friends. Together we can help ensure that neither the stories of this disaster nor the lessons we can learn from it are lost.

The video above is of George Barisich, a third-generation commercial fisherman, who talks about life on the water, how he fishing became his career and how the BP disaster could end it.

Anyone who has heard any StoryCorps pieces on NPR knows how powerful these oral histories can be. Hear more about life in the post-Deepwater Horizon gulf and support the project here.

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