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11 Incredible Photos of President Obama That Will Go Down In History

Picture perfect.

Pete Souza/White House

With the 2016 election just around the corner, nearly all of our nation’s political focus on turned to the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to decide who will become the next president of the United States.

But as these photos remind us, there’s still someone in the Oval Office and he’s increasingly likely to go down as one of the most influential presidents in modern history. And he’s accomplished much of that through his incredible use of media. No president since Ronald Reagan has proven so adept and capturing our attention and shaping his image in the public eye through the creative, thoughtful and often hilarious use of visual imagery.

And in today’s 24-hour news cycle that’s even more impressive as being a ready for prime time president no longer means just giving a good speech. Here is a president posing with kids dressed as Spider-Man, signaling the end of a decades long rift with Cuba and, of course, dancing with his wife (who may be even better at this than him) at his historic inauguration ball.

Fast Company highlights some of the Obama years with official White House photographer Pete Souza, who has taken more than 2 million photos of Obama. We added a few of our own favorites to chronicle this truly unique chapter in American history that is rapidly coming to a close.

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