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This women’s fashion site made a simple change that seems so obvious everyone should be doing it.

It’s not hard to be inclusive.

via Pretty Little Thing

When shopping for clothes online, the vast majority of women have to constantly ask themselves the following question: “What will it look like on me?”

Why? Because most of the time the models in the catalog are a size two, while 68% of American women are a size 14 or above.

This massive gap between what retailers are selling and what their customers actually need, shows just how scared brands are of showing their clothes on realistic-looking people.

To put it simple: It’s sizeist and frustrating.

British online retailer Pretty Little Thing has made a small change to its website to combat this problem and it seems so obvious, it’s unbelievable that other fashion sites aren’t doing it as well.

For some of the dresses in its new party collection, it features models of two different sizes, so more people can see what the dress will look like on them.

Don’t you think this will help them sell more dresses?

For example, after clicking on the Silver Sequin One Shoulder Cut Out Bodycon Dress, you can see pictures of what it looks like on model Hailey Baldwin.

via Pretty Little Thing

But you also have the option of seeing what it looks like on a model of a different size.

via Pretty Little Thing

People are praising Pretty Little Thing for making a small change to its site to make it more inclusive. But shouldn’t everyone have have figured this out a long time ago?


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