On the Potential Glory of 20-minute Neighborhoods

Grist just linked to a Fast Company interview with Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams. The money quote has to do with his vision of a city with "20-minute neighborhoods."

We're also working to make every section of Portland a complete 20-minute neighborhood to strengthen our local economy. Two-thirds of all trips in Portland and in most American cities are not about getting to and from work. So if I can offer quality, affordable goods and services, eliminate food deserts, have neighborhoods with schools and parks and amenities—if I can create these 20-minute complete neighborhoods all over Portland—it strengthens our local economy. We drive 20% less than cities of comparable size, and because we don't manufacture cars, produce oil, or have car insurance companies, every dollar that we don't spend elsewhere, will stay in Portland's economy. There's about $850 million that stays in Portlanders's pockets because we drive less. With a 20-minute neighborhood, also reduce congestion and meet our climate action plan goals.


Head to Grist for information on how this very concept could lead to better (and more attainable) environmental and energy policies for the entire nation.

Photo via Portland Online