Will You Pledge to Create One New Job? One Job for America Asks You to Pledge to Hire One Person

The One Job for America campaign is asking all businesses to hire one new person, and spread the word. Will you help?

Certainly, not everyone is in a position hire someone right now, but is unemployment the kind of problem we can tackle if we all chip in? Or at least, if all businesses chip in? That's the ambitious hope of the One Job for America campaign.

The brutally simple website declares: "Imagine what could happen if every business in America, large and small, created one new job..." and calls on every business owner to "Take a pledge today and promise that you'll hire at least one new person. Then tell a friend to do the same. Together, we will bring back jobs in America one by one."

That's amazingly earnest, a little naive, and not all that business-like, but far more possible than you might think.

It may not seem like it to you and me, but there is money out there, lots of it, pouring into many businesses. They're just not hiring in proportion to the rebound in profits. As Jeffrey Hollender pointed out in a recent post for GOOD, "profits at American companies are higher then they have been in 60 years."

So maybe a little public pressure will help after all. Take the pledge here. More than 120 companies have done it so far.