People Are Mesmerized By This Strange Optical Illusion

“You can’t not see it once you see it.”

Image via Arron Bevin/Facebook.

We love a good illusion story. Can you figure this one out? When Arron Bevin posted this optical illusion to Facebook, it drove people crazy. Even Bevin said it took him five minutes to see what was going on with this seemingly otherwise normal brick wall.

Now, more than 85,000 people have liked the post, and it’s been shared over 63,000 times.

Still having trouble figuring it out? Well, if you look about midway down the center of the image there is a cigar wedged in between two of the bricks. The illusion is created because the cigar is pointing outward and almost appears to be floating in space. The fact that it blends in with the brick colors doesn’t hurt – even its burned tip matches the overall color scheme.

And while it has baffled thousands, Bevin was quick to note that once you see the source of the illusion, “You can’t not see it once you see it.”