Shocking Oscar Upset Triggers Post-Election PTSD

It’s November 8 all over again

An unsinkable campaign. A clear (if overrated) winner. Then—out of nowhere—the odds-busting, eye-popping upset. Sound familiar? Leave it to Hollywood to steal the plot from the 2016 elections with the film “Moonlight”claiming Best Picture over the assumed winner “La La Land.” Only, of course, this time a lot of us are actually happy with the outcome of director Barry Jenkins and Co. taking home the Oscar vs. Damien Chazelle’s splashy crowpleaser.

Sure, the stakes here are nothing like the competition for running the free world, but something about the unexpected yanking of a sure thing has triggered a vulnerable and divided nation’s PTSD from the election, as we remember the shock and what-the-fuckness of this past November.

They say time heals all wounds. We’ll give it four years max.

In the meantime, congrats to “Moonlight” and props to “La La Land” producers for stepping aside with grace.

We trust the transfer of power will go smoothly.