Overload: Still Here, Bidder 70 Verdict Reached, and More

America's most toxic cities and a Tim DeChristopher verdict in today's daily roundup of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ. Enjoy!

Our home, as seen on March 2, 2011 by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The trial of Bidder 70, aka Tim DeChristopher, is wrapped up today. The jury just reached a verdict as I write, but no announcement yet. Check the #bidder70 hashtag on Twitter and local Fox13 reporter @BenWinslow or the Tribune's @aaronfalk.

@BenWinslow: BREAKING NEWS: Verdict has been reached in @ trial. @ 

Most Republicans don't believe in "global warming" but do believe in "climate change."

Forbes names the America's Top Ten Most Toxic Cities. Philly has the noxious distinction of topping the list.

Purdue scientists are using sound as a harbinger of environmental change.

If David Roberts were king, he'd make everyone watch the first hour of the video below. Until I find an hour, I'm look at the highlight slides he posted.

Overload is a daily round-up of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ.