Painting the Town Red: Is the United States Headed for Soviet-style Collapse?

Remember those commies from across the pond, the ones that America fondly antagonized for many years, whose country's collapse we celebrated as an undisputed triumph of capitalism and democracy in a godless age?

Well, I hate to break it to you, comrades, but according to collapse theorist Dmitry Orlov, that's also where we're headed:
"Really, there's no one at the helm now," Dmitry Orlov says nonchalantly. We are talking about the economic crisis and the way that the destructive system of our economy operates without anyone really leading it.
An interesting proposition, to say the least, but not completely unfounded. Many political experts today believe that the collapse of the Soviet Union was due to heavy containment, and the subsequent mismanagement of finances, like inordinate spending on arms, sealed its inevitable demise. Is America so plagued with internal deficiencies that it could be on the same road to ruin?

Learn more about Orlov's work at Grist.

Photo (cc) via Flickr user ObamaNation