Park Officials Offer Up A Pitiful Reminder Not To Deface Nature For Your ‘Promposals’

The half-assed effort is almost as offensive as the vandalism

With the prevalence of social media, teenagers have been upping the pomp and pageantry of asking each other to prom by dreaming up clever, complex, and cute “promposals.” The harmless queries normally involve poster board, glitter, and a few groanworthy puns, and are objectionable only to the most joyless souls.

But some kids are looking to make a statement at the expense of nature, defacing elements of protected parks and natural preserves to pop the question. For the second year in a row, Sandstone Peak in the Santa Monica mountains near Los Angeles has suffered from a not-at-all-creative promposal asking simply, “PROM?”

The officials offered up a hotline to turn in whoever was behind this lame and destructive effort, and it seemed that most of Twitter was just as upset and turned off by the act.

If this type of thing is the best you can do for your promposal, don’t be too proud to crowdsource the effort on social media. I’m sure strangers would rather help a kid out with an idea than see another misguided act like this in a public park.