Not Safe for Work: PETA's About-to-Be Rejected Super Bowl Ad PETA's 2010 Super Bowl Ad

After getting so much publicity for getting their ad rejected last year, PETA has gone even farther with the "vegetables are sexy concept."

Last year, PETA's advertisement, entitled "Veggie Love" was rejected by NBC for being too graphic. "Veggie Love," which you can see below, features lingerie-clad models being sexy with vegetables, leading to the message that studies have found vegetarians have better sex lives.

This year, PETA is doubling down on the concept, submitting the casting videos for last year's ad. Much the same concept, this video is more explicit with the vegetable sex references. It's certain to get rejected, and will then be passed around the internet, where we will all watch it. Note: While this video does not contain nudity, it contains scantily clad women and men performing vaguely sexual acts on vegetables. Assess your workplace's policies accordingly.

Is this strategy of getting free publicity for banned ads working for PETA? It seemed like a good move last year, but two years in a row might be getting a little stale. We all know PETA's general attitude is shock-and-awe publicity, but perhaps the organization's mission might be served by actually getting an ad on the Super Bowl broadcast that made their case?

Here's the rejected 2009 ad:


Via Buzzfeed