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Phorce: A 'Smart Bag' To Charge Your Gadgets On the Go

The Phorce "smart bag" will charge your gadgets and send you a message on your smartphone if you leave it behind.

Anyone who's ever worked from a coffeeshop on a laptop knows the pain of charging it: if you happen to forget your cord, or the few available outlets are already completely full, a dead battery will send you home. Ditto for other gadgets that might need charging, whether that's a tablet or a smartphone. A new design recently funded on Kickstarter, the Phorce bag, is attempting to provide a solution.

A lightweight battery pack, built into the bag, can charge up to three devices simultaneously. It can also power a MacBook for seven extra hours. The battery pack holds so much power that it can easily recharge devices multiple times before it needs to be charged itself again. There's nothing inherently sustainable about the bag (unlike solar-powered backpacks, which also charge devices), but if you happen to have renewable energy at home, this is a great way to make it portable.

The Phorce is also smart: if you accidentally leave your bag behind, your smartphone will send you a notification as soon as it's out of range (provided, of course, that your phone is in your hand and not inside the bag). Like the Notabag, another Kickstarter project, the Phorce also handily converts from a backpack to a bag. The Phorce was funded on December 22, but it's still possible to place preorders. The Phorce website will be updated later this month. In the meantime, anyone interested can enter contact information here.

Images courtesy of Phorce

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