Ride Your Bike, Charge Your Gadgets

Fenix's Velo Bicycle Generator can capture and store power generated while riding a bike. 10 minutes of riding can fully charge a mobile phone.

Every time you ride your bike, you're putting out power—perhaps as much as 430 watt-hours, if you're a pro cyclist riding in the Tour de France. That's enough to power about seven 60-watt lightbulbs. But up until now, there hasn't been a particularly good way to capture and store that energy.

The new Velo Bicycle Generator from Fenix, soon to be released, may change that. The generator can be installed on a typical single-speed bicycle in just seconds, according to the designers. After pedaling for five to 10 minutes, a cyclist can produce enough energy to power an LED light for more than two hours, or fully charge a mobile phone.

Unfortunately, the device doesn't work out in the streets; it's a stand that you use inside. But for Fenix's target customers, who live in areas of the developing world that lack access to electricity, it could be life-changing. Serious cyclists who train indoors in bad weather could also put it to use.

The Velo is designed to be used along with Fenix's ReadySet charger, which can also store power from solar panels or the grid.

Photo from Fenix