Picture Show: Guantanamo Bay Picture Show: Guantanamo Bay

Picture Show: Guantanamo Bay

by Christopher Sims

February 22, 2009
For nearly three years, Christopher Sims made phone calls and sent letters to various military personnel in order to gain access to the military base at Guantanamo Bay. Finally allowed to visit in 2006, Sims spent four days photographing the spaces inhabited and created by those who work and reside on the naval base, primarily in the Windward Point area. What results is a series of strange and familiar landscapes, wherein emblems of Americana punctuate a place that, in spite of public awareness, has remained largely invisible.
Club Survivor, Camp America
Leeward mess hall, Naval Station
Office trailers, Camp America
Jungle gym, Naval Station
McDonald's, Naval Station
U.S. post office, Camp America
Outdoor movie theater, Naval StationYou can see the complete set of photos here. The collection will be shown at the Civilian Art Projects gallery in Washington, D.C., until March 14.
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Picture Show: Guantanamo Bay