A Misguided Cop Giving A Cycling Safety Demonstration Ends Up In A Very Dangerous Situation

Oh, sweet irony …

If an impressionable child was to ask how they “safely” ride their bike down a flight of stairs, you might think that the appropriate response would be something such as, “There is no safe way to ride down stairs.”

Yet in this cycling safety demonstration, a police officer disagrees, showing the children there is, in fact, a “safe” way to ride down stairs.

Rather than explain to them the technique (which appears to be just riding really, really slowly), the officer shows them with a helpful demonstration. Unfortunately, the demo does very little to sell the whole “safety” aspect.

If an experienced bike cop can’t make it down a flight of stairs on a bike, maybe you don’t want to be emboldening children to give it a shot?

The man who filmed the video told the Daily Record, "Police were staging a safe way for kids to go down the stairs on their bikes and the policeman failed miserably.”

It’s hard to argue with the characterization of this failure as “miserable.” As for the police officer sent (slowly) over his own handlebars? He’s doing fine, save for a bruised ego.

"He took it in good spirits. He was fine, just embarrassed."

Another lesson? Always wear a helmet. Especially if you’re being convinced to do something as dangerous as biking down a flight of stairs.