Poppy Dadd’s Coming Out Tweet Is Shared Over 60,000 Times

“I’m so going to do this”

via Facebook

Although society is slowly becoming more accepting of gay and lesbian people, coming out of the closet is still a very scary experience for many. It can damage relationships with friends or family, create a hostile work environment, and even subject people to threats and violence. So when someone comes out of the closet and it’s a positive experience for everyone involved, it’s something to celebrate.

Two years ago, then-18-year-old Poppy Dadd, a model living in England, came out of the closet to her close friends. After the revelation quickly spread that she was lesbian, Poppy decided she needed to tell everyone in her own words. So she came up with a clever way to reveal her true self on Facebook.

via Facebook

Last week, Poppy’s monumental status update appeared up in her Timehop, so she shared the amazing moment again. But this time it was retweeted over 60,000 times, inspiring many on social media.