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Watching A Man Power-Wash Racist Graffiti Is Ridiculously Satisfying

His ErasingHate Instagram account is documenting his tireless efforts to rid the streets of hate symbols.

As if power-washing alone wasn’t enough to give you an inexplicable sense of satisfaction, one man has raised the ante by using the seemingly magic process to erase the work of racist vandals.

A Canadian man named Corey Fleischer has been offering his graffiti removal services and posting the work he does on an Instagram account called ErasingHate. According to a feature in the Toronto Star, Fleischer began this line of work when he was driving his truck for work as a commercial power-washer and saw the letters “KKK” and swastikas spray-painted on a delivery van on his route.

After speaking with the owner of the van and learning that the van frequented Jewish neighborhoods to make deliveries, Fleischer boxed in the vandalized vehicle against the owner’s objections and power-washed the truck free of charge so that it could return to service.

Since then, Fleischer has — sadly — been quite busy in his efforts.

He now characterizes his voluntary work as something of a crusade to clear his city’s streets of hate symbols and iconography.

“I’m getting up in the morning and I’m eating hate crimes for breakfast. I’m eating them for lunch. I eat hate crimes for dinner,” he said.

It doesn’t sound like pleasant work, but thousands, if not millions, of Montreal residents are happy he’s working so diligently to erase hate.

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