Project 010: The Project Project Project 010: The Project Project
Issue 010

Project 010: The Project Project

May 23, 2008
The goal of the GOOD Project is to involve our readers in the creative process-the idea being that our relationship to you isn't just a one-way street; we all comprise the membership of this community. For our first nine projects, we've pretty much handed you a set of instructions. So this time around, we'd like to put you in charge. The parameters are simple: Send us an idea for a good Project. All that's required is a description of how it would work, and what it would do. Send us a great idea, and you might see it on the last page of a future issue. Have at it.

THE ASSIGNMENTCome up with a Project idea.THE REQUIREMENTSA description of the assignment; bonus points for suggesting a partner organization.THE DETAILSEmail your ideas to projects[at]goodmagazine[dot]com. We'll post them here as they come in.


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Project 010: The Project Project