Project 012: Safe Routes To School

For Project 012 we asked for your ideas for improving a local school. Todd Smith wants kids in his neighborhood to be able to walk to school safely. He's identified the dangerous areas along common walking routes to the local school and designed a new bike pavilion. He sent us this note and the schematics above. We're having a little trouble deciphering the second sentence below, but the basic idea that kids should be able to safely walk to school in the scenic Adirondacks we understand perfectly. Todd writes:"We would love to have some assistance on the attached project. We have [put] in as much as we can with this in in-kind time as professionals and would like to see this move forward. We have more complete materials but did not want to overwhelm the inbox at the projects desk ... please ask if you like more details (i.e. complete written submission for small portion of project including pavilion design concept) but it is a simple project, getting kids safely to school and promoting walking/biking in a community that has seemed to loose this concept. We are in the Adirondack Mountains for Pete's sake. These kids should be begging to walk to school."