Project: Take a Picture of Someone You Admire

Time for another crowdsourced Picture Show. Send us an image of someone you admire.

May is upon us, which means it's time to kick off our monthly crowdsourced Picture Show. This time, we want you to send us a picture of someone you admire.

I've chosen my younger brother, Reed (see above). Cute, right? His easy smile constantly reminds me to appreciate what I've got and keep an open mind about new opportunities. He is curious, creative, and gentle. I hope one day I can be as inspiring to someone as he has been to me.

Who do you admire? Maybe it's a mentor, coach, teacher, or parent. Maybe a friend or a boss. Or maybe this person has no idea you even exist. That's okay. This is your chance to recognize someone who deserves it on the world wide web.

Send us a picture of someone you look up to and tell us why this person is significant to you.

Please submit your photo and a short explanation (up to 40 words) here. It can be in any image format, but it should be high enough resolution that it can be printed at 300 dpi. We’ll take submissions now through Wednesday, May 25. Then we'll publish a Picture Show with a selection of the submissions.

Once we receive the images, we will turn to you, the GOOD community, to choose the winning submission. The winning entry will be announced on, featured on our homepage, and printed in the next issue of GOOD. We’ll also send a GOOD T-shirt and a free subscription (or gift subscription) to the winner.