Innovation makes the world go around, so why not crowdfund it? The best thinkers and ideamakers are the those who can make collective progress, so if we support their causes, projects, and ideas, we can be a part of bettering the future of our planet.

Maybe you don’t know what causes you care about yet, or maybe you’re still searching. Consider this a guide of the goodness you can get behind. Take a look at GOOD's curated Kickstarter page, which we'll be updating regularly, and check back every Saturday for a round up of our favorite projects from the crowdfunding world.

12 Days to Go (and not so close):Make Lasting Change with a Temporary Free Space

GOOD Local's San Francisco chapter leader, Hunter Franks, helped created a temporary space that will be available to local artists and socially conscious innovators for the entire month of June. Now, he wants the space to keep living until July. Read more from Franks here.

15 Days to Go (and over halfway there): Build Better Infrastructure for a School in Nepal

Teacher Dorje Gurung was a political prisoner in Qatar, falsely accused by one of his students for insulting Islam when he was attempting to teach the student about stereotypes. Now, he's an education activist and he wants to build a school in Nepal with better infrastructure. Read more from him here.

18 Days to Go (and super-funded): Awesome Maps For Your Favorite Places on Earth

Do you have a favorite place to surf, snowboard, or hike but it's not listed on any map anywhere, not even in the Googleverse? Awesome Maps plans to change that by crowdsourcing your tips. This bucketlistmap will cover every place you need to visit. Read more from founder Simon Schuetz.

24 Days to Go (and not so close): Transform the Conversation about Identity on This Online Interactive Platform

Question Bridge has launched a successful art installation that has opened up the conversation surrounding culture, and our place in society. Now, the team wants to build an online interactive platform that you can take part in, to break racial mythologies and identity models. Read more from co-founder Hank Thomas.

Unlimited Time (and not so close): Help Permaculturalists and a Buddhist Monk Walk the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline

In a peaceful attempt to change the energy conversation, the Harvest Collective and a Buddhist monk are offering their permaculture services, educational films, and meals to people as they walk along the Keystone XL Pipeline. They're aiming to change our give and take relationship with nature, and they want to talk with you. Read more from founder Davey Rogner.

Unlimited Time (and so close): Mapping Sustainable Community Resources from New York City to Beijing

Wendy Brawer wanted to map all the eco-friendly projects and products offered in New York City in 1992. Since then, she's made her map global and China is a part of it. Help expand Green Maps around the world, for a more sustainable future. Read more from her here. For a limited time, our friends at Global Giving are offering $25 gift codes to new GOOD Magazine subscribers which you can use to fund these projects. Subscribe and use the code GGIVING25.

Do you want to take part in one big crowdfunded project for innovators? Join the Millennial Train.

Sometimes innovation happens best when you're collaborating with people of different disciplines and ages. On the Millennial Train, 40 such innovators will have the opportunity to travel across America and work together, creating along the way. Apply today. Read more from founder Patrick Dowd.

Tell us what projects you're getting behind in the comments below. Push progress forward, and do it for our collective good.

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Illustration by Jessica De Jesus