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Real Convention Coverage

Given the distinct lack of mystery about the actual proceedings at the conventions, it's always interesting to watch news outlets scramble to figure out what, exactly, they're going to cover. Not surprisingly, several sites have risen to the occasion. Here's a totally not-comprehensive look at some of the interesting things we've come across:

Slate's hilarious twitter feed, which includes this inspired entry: "This Biden as Vice President headfake is getting really elaborate but I still think Hillary has a chance."

TPMs always classy (if slightly hard to navigate) political reportage has extended to cover the dance in Denver. You have to dig around for it, but they tell you what you need to know. And if you're a moving pictures type, they've also got some cameras rolling.

This guy's kind of intense but still interesting coverage of riot cops at the DNC (and man are there riot cops here).

The Observer has sent a bevy of reporters to the event, and their reporting gets a special home on their site. Nice mix of politics and culture, insider and casual observer. Also, all short (in the good way).

While it's unclear if Radar has actually sent anyone to the mile high city, they're doing their thing. Also, we totally agree about this.

Speaking of Slate, Jack Schaffer really hates on the "Denver snooze" as he calls it.

Finally, Ted Kennedy's 1980 convention speech is referenced about a thousand times a day, so we thought you could use a link to see what all the fuss it about. Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. God he looks good. Looking good Ted.

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