An Artistic Way to Master Surfing

A French company’s jaw-dropping surfboards feature iconic Renaissance artwork.

For those who would rather be hitting the beaches than the history books, a new line of surfboards promises to enlighten you about European Renaissance painting while you catch that radical wave. Boom-art, the French skateboarding company known for their locally crafted goods and rare limited editions, has linked with UWL Surfboard to create a series based on some of the Late Medieval period’s most vivid designs. The collector’s item surfboards, all handmade in France, feature such iconic images as The Lady and the Unicorn, based on a series of six tapestries woven in Flanders in the 1500s on wool and silk, and a set of three boards—which together form a triptych of early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights. Sculpted from polyester resin and hand-molded polyurethane foam, each set is individually numbered in an edition of only 10.

In the past, Boom-art has also created boards based on cathedral murals, divine icons, and erotic Disney themes (among many others).