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‘Rogue’ Twitter Account Claims To Be Resistance Inside Trump’s White House

“We are the voice in the dark that speaks in silence and hides in the foreground”

The resistance is growing from within. At least that is the claim made by a mysterious Twitter account that has developed a rapid following, releasing what it claims are leaks from directly within the White House of President Trump.

Since the account emerged, more than 600,000 people have started following the account, which claims to represent “the unofficial resistance team inside the White House.” The account claims in sprung up in solidarity with other “rogue” accounts that have garnered attention since Trump took office, such as one from the National Parks Service.

In short order, the account has leaked advanced warning about rumored executive orders on LGBTQ rights, how Trump is responding to criticism from the press, and even how high-ranking members of his own team like Chief of Staff Reince Preibus are handling the new tone in Washington:

The individuals (or individual) behind the Twitter account has also set up a website, which further elaborates on their mission:

In solidarity with others who were courageous enough to create #altgov twitter accounts, pushing back against President Trump's attempt to silence dissent and inconvenient facts, we are committed to supporting the resistance by revealing the inner chaos of President Trump's White House and incompetence. We are White House staffers, working at various levels, operating in secrecy to reveal hidden truths of the Trump administration to the American people.

Of course, it’s still unclear if the account is coming from actual administration staff. The White House technically employs over 4,000 individuals when at full capacity, most of which are not explicitly political appoints like the heads of various agencies. So, it’s entirely possible these could be career civil servants, Republicans fed up with Trump’s direction, or if you want to get downright conspiratorial, a head fake from the Trump team itself to gauge the public reaction to ideas being floated for consideration.

Either way, it’s a startling shift from how the Obama White House was run, and particularly ironic when you consider how regularly Trump taunted Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for the cyberattacks on her State Department email accounts.

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