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Drunk Guy Leaves An Inspiring Message On A Lost Phone

May this mysterious ‘Rob’ guy find all our phones

via Twitter

Everyone hates that scary moment when they reach into their pockets or rummage through their purse and can’t find their smart phone. Your pictures, personal information, and ability to text are all held hostage until you can find the device that you just realized controls your entire life. At that point, all you can hope is to get your beloved phone back. But, recently when Megan lost her phone, not only was it returned to her safely but it had an inspiring video from a dude who was really drunk and stoned.

Today, a Redditor posted that her friend Megan lost her phone at a party, but when she got it back, some guy named Rob had left a slurry, life-affirming message on it. “I don’t know whose phone this is,” he stammered. “I just found it, but you’re beautiful and you will always accomplish whatever your mind thinks it can do.” Megan shared the message on her Twitter account with the caption: “Hey Rob thanks for the inspirational words.” Now, although it’s tough to tell who this magical Rob character is, we can all hope that he’s the guy that finds our phone the next time inevitable happens.


His message:

Hello, I don’t know whose phone this is, I just found it. But, you’re beautiful and you will always accomplish whatever your mind thinks it can do. So if you have a dream, go fulfill it. Go do it. Because you will have it, you will accomplish it, you will succeed. Everything in this world is not promised. But, if you make it promise, it will be promised. God bless America, God bless you. God bless me. God bless every body here. You the man and you know.”

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