​It’s Official: Samantha Bee Is The New Jon Stewart

The ultimate Ted Cruz farewell singalong

Samantha Bee really took it to the next level last night for her post mortem on Ted Cruz’s run for the GOP presidential nomination.

Bee ran off the greatest hits of her Cruz monikers (including “the junior senator from the uncanny valley”, “tentacle monster” and “self-described human”), drew strangely accurate parallels between the primary season and Back To The Future II and then for her coup de grâce brought out Michelle Branch to repurpose her 2000 hit “Goodbye To You” into “Goodbye Ted Cruz.

Cruz was so wrong, which is why this send off is so right. But remember: The guy hasn’t actually released the delegates he amassed throughout the primary, and plans to hold onto them until the Republican National Convention this summer. He even told Glenn Beck, “Listen, let’s be very clear: if there is a path to victory—we launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended the race last week is, with Indiana’s loss, I didn’t see a viable path to victory.” Cruz added that while he’s not “holding his breath” for a comeback tour, he did say that if the aforementioned viable path somehow emerges, “We will certainly respond accordingly.”

Look. If this just means that we end up getting a reprisal ofGoodbye Ted Cruz” on Full Frontal then okay. We can live with that.