Sanitation Superheroine Sanitation Superheroine

Sanitation Superheroine

by Bristol Baughan

August 12, 2014

People fighting for the basic human right of access to water and sanitation aren't typically splashing the covers of your major magazines or billboards. Which is crazy if you think about it. We called professional movie poster designer, Desi Moore, to make a fictitious movie poster and dedicate it to Sherina Munyana of Water for People’s Sanitation (WFPS) in Kampala, Uganda. 

Access to clean water prevents disease, improves wellness, and as Munyana points out in her work, increases economic opportunity. Munyana is a sanitation superhero who wants to not only point out the critical health component of the quest to create access to clean living conditions, but also wants to highlight the financial upside of the human waste biz. Consider her the Clint Eastwood of Sanitation, we do.

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Bristol Baughan is the Head of GOOD Studio

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Sanitation Superheroine