Satire 101

We're ashamed we didn't catch this yesterday. An article from the Onion's archives was re-run on the Onion's website. Its title: "I'm Totally Psyched About This Abortion!" And who wouldn't be. Yesterday, a distressed pro-life blogger discovered the girls in the Internet are actually excited about getting abortions. Psyched, even! He made his displeasure known. After the denizens of the internet not-so-kindly informed him of his mistake (read the comments, they're priceless), he posted a retort, (once again, read the comments) that made it clear he still didn't quite grasp the fake news thing.

Sample comment: "Keep Fighting! You got them on the ropes now! You have almost won this argument, don't give up now! The liberal babykillers can't take much more of your surgically honed logic."