School of Success: A European Design Student Maps Educational Challenges

European design student David Ortiz mapped the educational budget crisis in the Netherlands in his "School of Success" project.

As higher education in Europe has faced major budget cuts, a design student in the Netherlands decided to create a series of pamphlets called "School of Success" to explain the impacts. After detailed research, he created a design with four main parts, coded by color. The green text and infographics focuses on economic issues, and blue focuses on analysis of the education system. The red pamphlets share manifestos and letters from students, and a black section explains the School of Success as a platform.

The eight sections can be read individually, but also join together into a comprehensive map of the problem. It's a well-executed use of graphic design to explain a complex issue and spark a dialogue. As the designer, David Ortiz, writes on his website:

How is the school going to evolve? How is it going to be the school of the future? This research doesn't pretend to answer these questions, but by analyzing and mapping all different agents (economics, politics, schools, organizations, students, and so on) and their points of view, thoughts, and reactions, it hopes to open a dialogue while giving some clues toward which directions education can take in the future.


Images courtesy of David Ortiz