School of the Future: Announcing Infinite Enrollment

Soon to be internationally renowned as one of the leading and most innovative portable centers for study of information through performing and visual arts, School of the Future announces infinite enrollment for endless positions in our summer 2010 program. Opening this July as an intergenerational free school in Sgt. Dougherty Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, anyone can teach a class or take a class. Since teaching and learning are an infinite cycle, we hope you'll do both.

We have over 30 course offerings in our catalog and would like to offer you a scholarship to join us as we create highly unaccredited experiences (otherwise known as classes) from July 1 through July 31.

Consider some of our highly competitive and technologically advanced course selections: Generating Authentic Ritual in the 21st Century; Recipes for Nourishment: Audio Cookbook; Street Law 101; Costume Sports: Basketball, Soccer, or Handball; Compost Brigade; Exploring Music; Gender, Identity and Making Mustaches; Internalizing Kate Bush; Radical Library Sciences; Movement for Seniors; Philosophy Yoga—and more.

We are also still accepting class proposals. To submit a proposal, please include a brief description and title of your class, your preferred audience, materials you may need, and specific dates and times during the month of July (Thursday through Sunday) you will conduct the project. Please send all proposals to: schoolofthefuture2010 [at]

To join us for classes, peruse our website or just visit us during the month of July at Sgt. Dougherty Park. School of the Future will be open Thursdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. See you in class.

Christopher Kennedy is the Director of the Institute for Applied Aesthetics, an experimental school for research and learning in Brooklyn. His research interests include mycoremediation, the social history of shamanism, the keltic roots of queer culture, and fiber arts involving movement and food. He is currently working on an intergenerational free school called School of the Future.

Cassie Thornton is an artist and educator living in Brooklyn. She founded School of the Future, a consulting company in a forest, and a barter system beauty salon. This fall, she will be studying social practice at California College of the Arts.

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