New Video Explains Perfectly Why Calling in Sick Is Torture

71 percent of people have called in sick when they were feeling fine.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user halgil

Ever lie in bed in the morning, coughing and sneezing, but somehow feeling guilty about calling in sick? When you do call in, do you feel that your boss thinks you’re lying, so you exaggerate your symptoms? That’s how just about everyone feels. The reason? Let’s face it, from time to time almost everyone calls in sick when they feel fine. In fact, the Kronos Global Absence Survey found that 71 percent of employees admitted to having called in sick when they were in perfect health. The major reasons for doing so are stress, a sick child, and a heavy workload.

But if you’re genuinely sick, you shouldn’t feel bad about staying home. Going to a crowded office means sharing your illness with everyone, which could cause a major workplace stoppage. The video below does a great job of explaining the anxiety and guilt associated with calling in sick. “Someone please explain this to me,” the narrator says. “Whenever I call my boss to let him know that I’m sick and that I can’t come in to work today, why do I always worry? Even if I’m actually sick and I’m not lying, I still worry a little. That’s so stupid!”

WARNING: The video contains adult language.

(H/T Kronos)