Kumail Nanjiani Said He’s Mistaken For Other Actors, Prompting A Very Funny Response From Sarah Silverman

Two other actors chimed in with their frustration and mutual admiration.

Kumail Nanjiani’s profile in Hollywood has changed dramatically in the past few months as the actor has gone from being “that guy on Silicon Valley” to an Oscar-winning writer and star of the acclaimed dramedy “The Big Sick.” However, his prominence and accomplishments have not, sadly, outweighed the fact that many simply see him as “an Indian actor,” made all the more upsetting by the fact that Najiani is from Pakistan, not India.

He shared his lament on Twitter and was quickly met with a chorus of “amens” by Kunal Nayyar of “The Big Bang Theory” and Kal Penn of “Designated Survivor.” The trio also shared their mutual admiration in the missives.

Before things got too saccharine or heavy among the actors, comedian (and Nanjiani’s friend) Sarah Silverman, who has proven more than willing to break from decorum to get a laugh, did just that.

But, even Silverman has her limits and freely admits she had to rein herself in from taking the joke further. It was probably a good decision, if not as “classy” as she had hoped.