Summer Music Festivals are About to Get a Whole Lot Comfier

A group of Belgian design firms have designed stackable sleep pods to avoid the sting of exhaustion.

Each summer, hundreds of thousands of people swarm to multi-day music festivals around the world. Tunes and fun abound, but once it’s time to hit the hay, figuring out logistics of where to sleep can become vexing as space and comfort aren't readily available.

© Hannes Geipel

A group of Belgian design firms have a crafted a creative solution for your festival lodging woes. Taking inspiration from apian architects, they’ve created high-density hexagonal sleeping pods that resemble a beehive. The B-AND-BEE comes equipped with electricity, lights, lockers, and storage, with a bed that transforms into a lounge seat, or a VIP viewing booth during the concert.

© Hannes Geipel

The first structures were deployed this summer at a festival in Ghent. The team hopes to start mass-producing B-AND-BEES this fall, hopefully to be ready for next year’s festival season.