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Angry Bus Rider Tells Muslim Woman To ‘Speak English’

‘When you’re in the UK you should really be speaking English!’

via Flickr user (cc) Sid The Dog

In the United Kingdom, virulent anti-immigrant sentiment has fueled a campaign that may result in it leaving the European Union. Known as the “Brexit” option, British voters go to the polls this Thursday to decide if the country should stay with the politico-economic organization. Supporters believe that leaving the EU is essential to safeguarding the country’s culture against immigrants. While its oposition it sees it as an example of fear-mongering. A recent incident on a bus in Wales shows just how ridiculous this anti-immigrant sentiment has become.

Earlier this week, Tom Bradbury, a 26-year-old events organizer was riding the bus between Newport and Cwmbran in Wales. During his ride, a Muslim woman, clothed in a niquab – a cloth that covers her face – was playing with her toddler son. While she chatted with the little boy, a man sitting in front of her on the bus turned around and angrily told her, “When you’re in the UK you should really be speaking English!”

Bradley couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the man yell. But an older woman quickly confronted the angry man saying, “She’s in Wales. And she’s speaking Welsh.” According to Bradbury, the man, “seemed to shrivel up a little bit and mumble something to himself, but stayed quiet afterwards,” he told The Huffington Post. But the rest of the bus couldn’t remain silent. “It made the few of us in the surrounding seats laugh,” he said. Later that day, Bradbury posted about the exchange on Facebook where it’s been shared over 23,000 times.

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